The decision to switch from dentures to All-on-4 dental implants can be life-changing. Not only do All-on-4 implants provide improved oral health and aesthetic appearance, but they also offer much greater stability for your bite when compared to dentures. 

In this blog post, we will explain All-on-4 dental implants (also known as a fixed implant over-denture) and compare All-on-4 and regular dentures that are not held in place with implants to help you understand the benefits of making the switch. 

Dentures Explained

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are designed to replace missing teeth.They are typically made from acrylic resin and are held in place by suction or with the help of dental adhesives. Dentures can be full or partial, meaning they can replace all or some of your natural teeth. 

The major problem with dentures is that they are not as stable as natural teeth, meaning that they can become loose and move around when you chew, smile, talk, and even laugh. Additionally, over time the bones in your jaw will shrink due to lack of stimulation from chewing, and the dentures will no longer fit correctly. 

After having your teeth extracted, you may be given a set of temporary dentures while you wait for your permanent ones to be made. It is important to keep in mind that temporary dentures are usually not as comfortable or secure as permanent dentures, and they only last a few months before needing to be replaced. 

All-on-4 Dental Implants Explained

All-on-4 dental implants are a revolutionary way to replace teeth. Instead of using individual implants for each tooth, All-on-4 only requires four to six strategically placed implant posts that support an entire arch of artificial teeth. The posterior implants are placed at a 30-degree angle, which provides additional stability and prevents the need for a bone graft in many places. The other two to four implants are placed in the front of the mouth. 

The procedure for All-on-4 implants involves removing your teeth and replacing them with medical-grade titanium implants. The implants act like an artificial tooth root and will fuse to your jawbone over time, providing a secure foundation for the new teeth. Your temporary teeth are placed on top of the implants, allowing you to leave the dental office with a brand-new smile. Your final set of permanent teeth will be placed 3-6 months later. 

The stability of All-on-4 dental implants far exceeds that of dentures in several ways. The implant posts provide superior support to the artificial teeth, and once the implant posts are placed, they don’t move or shift around like dentures. This stability makes eating and speaking easier, as there is no need to worry about the teeth shifting or slipping. Additionally, All-on-4 implants aren’t removed like dentures for cleaning, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

Benefits of All-on-4

The benefits of All-on-4 dental implants include the following: 

  • Improved oral health 
  • Aesthetic appearance 
  • Greater stability for your bite  
  • No need to worry about the teeth shifting or slipping 
  • Easier eating and speaking 
  • No need to remove for cleaning like dentures 
  • Permanent set of teeth after 3-6 months 
  • Superior support for artificial teeth compared to dentures  
  • Titanium implants fuse with the jawbone over time, providing a secure foundation for new teeth  
  • Implants stimulate the jawbone, preventing further bone loss

Cost Comparison of All-on-4 and Dentures

The cost of All-on-4 implants and dentures varies depending on several factors, such as the type of denture and the number of teeth removed. Generally speaking, All-on-4 implants tend to be more expensive than dentures. However, considering long-term maintenance costs for each option, All-on-4 is typically the most cost-effective solution. Dentures often need to be replaced every few years due to changes in the jawbone structure and fit, whereas All-on-4 implants can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. 

Overall, the decision between All-on-4 implants and dentures should be based on an individual’s lifestyle, budget, and oral health goals. While dentures are often an effective and affordable solution for those with missing teeth, All-on-4 implants offer superior stability and a natural aesthetic appearance.  Ultimately, the choice should be made in consultation with your oral surgeon and dentist, who can guide you on which option best suits your needs. 

All-on-4 Treatment Boulder, CO

Dr. Benjamin Foley, Dr. Daniel Foley, and Dr. Thao Le are skilled in placing All-on-4 dental implants. At Foley and Le Oral Surgeons, we strive to make your experience pleasant, comfortable, and stress-free. Our team will take the time to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision about which treatment is right for you. Contact us today to learn more about All-on-4 dental implants or to schedule your consultation.  

If you are searching for an oral surgeon near me or All-On-4 treatment Boulder, CO, visit the experts at Foley & Le. To schedule an appointment, call (303) 444-2255 or complete the online booking form.  We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams! 

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